On 4th Novermber 2011 Humanist Society of Scotland released nine short videos that show what Humanists believe on a wide range of important moral issues, including same-sex marriage, physician-assisted suicide and sectarianism. The films were shot all across Scotland, and feature contributions from more than fifty people, ranging from 10 year old Mellin Buchanan in Thurso to 81 year old Margaret Ferguson from Inverness.

The videos can be seen below. The campaign was launched on the GuardianSTV News and many other media outlets.

In the film on Humanism, Alex from Edinburgh says, “As far as I am aware, no humanist has ever killed anyone because of their beliefs”, while in the one about physician-assisted suicide, Catriona from Aberdeen speaks movingly of watching her grandmother die. “We had to watch my granny die over a period of months, in pain, and wasting away in front of us when she’d told me years ago she’d had a great life and she was ready to go. Why can’t we afford people the same compassion that we show to our animals?”

Humanist Society Scotland Convenor Les Mitchell says, “We’re delighted with the H Factor films, which show that Humanists are deeply committed to making the world a better place. Although Humanism is becoming more familiar in Scotland as our ceremonies grow ever more popular, very few people actually know what Humanists believe. Now they can see for themselves and we hope that many of them realise they’ve been ‘Secret Humanists’ all their lives.”

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