Title of response Date
Consultation response to proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act February 2018
Consultation response to Education (Scotland) Bill January 2018
Response to Scottish Parliament Equality Committee on Pardons Bill January 2018
Consultation response to Hate Crime Legislation Review November 2017
Consultation response to John Finnie MSP bill on equal protection July 2017
Response to Scottish Government consultation on Organ Donation March 2017
Response to the Council Tax (Substitution of Proportion) (Scotland) Order 2016  September 2016
Civil society contribution to United Nations Universal Periodic Review  July 2016
 Response to Scottish Government review of Civil Partnership.  December 2015
 Response to Standards for Spiritual Care, Religion and Belief in Prison.  November 2015
 Response to Scottish Government consultation on a proposed Bill relating to burial and cremation and other matters in Scotland (Funeral Poverty)  July 2015
 A response to the consultation on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act: Section 9.  March 2015
 A response to the Scottish Government’s draft Guidance on the Conduct of Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education in Scottish Schools.  December 2014
 A response to petition PE01530: Guidance on how creationism is presented in schools.  November 2014
 A response to consultation on Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act.  June 2014
 A response to petition PE1514: Making Time for Reflection representative of all beliefs.  June 2014
 A response to Religious Observance – Public Consultation (Fife Council).  May 2014
 A response to petition PE01498: Religious Representatives on Local Authority Education Committees.  March 2014
 A response to the Consultation on Scotland’s National Action Plan (SNAP) for Human Rights.  2013
 Response to the Apologies Bill Consultation.  September 2012

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