Humanist Society Scotland recognises how valuable it is to have access to support at some of life’s most challenging times.  We also understand how meaningful it can be when that support is provided by someone who is likeminded and shares your world view.

Humanist Pastoral Support such as Humanist Chaplains can be found in services such as further and higher education and hospitals.  We are committed to expanding the availability of this service.

It is important that any organisation offering support and anyone accessing support is confident that those providing that care are well trained, supported and registered with a trusted and reputable organisation.  We are developing our network of Pastoral Care Volunteers, including Humanist Chaplains, who are accredited by the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network, established by our friends at Humanists UK.

We are not currently recruiting for Pastoral Support volunteers.

If you would like to enquire about Humanist Pastoral Support for your organisation please email