Volunteers Needed for Glasgow Outreach Programme

A group of Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) members in Glasgow are looking for extra volunteers to help with their expanding role in the Tea Run, a Glasgow outreach project helping disenfranchised and homeless people.

The Tea-Run has been running successfully on the pavement in Cadrogan Street, near central station, for several years.

A co-operative venture, the project is shared among several groups including St Mary’s Episcopal Church, the Quakers, ROPKA, the Simon Community, EMMAUS, Glasgow university students and the Humanist Society Scotland.

As Bob Scott, one of the HSS volunteers, explains, each night they make a big difference to the community:

“The problems they face include homelessness; loneliness; family breakdown; alcohol and drug misuse; prostitution; poverty; illegal immigration and outstanding warrants. A few may be mentally ill or disinhibited with alcohol or drugs, though the great majority are remarkably polite and thankful for the little that we do.”

“The numbers seen vary but each night we expect to have no less than 30 and quite possibly considerably more.”

“Many come as much for the companionship and social networking. No attempt is made to pry into any individual’s circumstances, though some do seek to chat about their personal problems…or talk about football!”

“HSS volunteers who have assisted with the Tea Run invariably find that it is a stimulating and rewarding way to spend the occasional evening.”

The Tea Run Sunday service operates every week from 9 pm until 10 pm. HSS now covers every 2nd and 7th spot in a 7 week cycle.

Recently HSS have been asked take on extra responsibilities and run the service every Thursday evening. The group are in need of support. Even a few hours would be welcomed, all that is required is your time. Non HSS members are also more than welcome to get in touch.

If you feel you can help us please see our dedicated StreetCare page on how to help out.




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