Scottish Humanists Support Faith in Marriage

The Humanist Society Scotland joined the other members of Faith in Marriage on Monday 30th April to launch their campaign for same-sex marriage.



Members of the Faith in Marriage coalition include the United Reformed Church, the Unitarians, the Quakers, the Open Episcopal Church, the Metropolitan Community Church, Liberal Judaism, the Iona Community, Buddhists, and the Pagan Federation. Individual ministers from the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Episcopal Church have shown their support to the campaign.

In a joint letter the groups wrote to oppose extending same sex marriage to only to civil ceremonies.

An exert reads, “We respect the religious freedom of those bodies that currently do not wish to conduct same-sex marriages, and we agree that there should be a mechanism in place to ensure that they do not have to. This is a position widely supported by equal marriage campaigners.

“We do, however, note with dismay that little mention has been made by politicians or the media of the rights of those religious and humanist bodies that do wish to conduct same-sex marriages.”

“We are concerned that this debate is being framed by some as ‘LGBT people vs religion’, when in reality there are many LGBT people of faith and there is a great divergence of opinion on same-sex marriage amongst – and within – religious bodies.”

To find out more visit the Faith in Marriage Facebook site.



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