Scottish Humanists Make Response to Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill

On April 30th 2012, the Humanist Society Scotland submitted its official response to the consultation on the Assisted Suicide Scotland (Bill).

Margo MacDonald MSP launched a public consultation on the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill on the 24th January 201. The Bill acknowledges that advances in medical science have given us a never before seen ability to prolong life; of all those ever to live to 65, two-thirds are alive today

Independent surveys have found that up to 80% of the Scottish public would support the principles of assisted suicide, with the appropriate safeguards. Surveys consistently show that the majority of the public support the introduction of another option at the end of life.

In the submission, the HSS set out their full position. A synopsis is available below.

For most of us it is almost impossible to imagine what it would be like to find life so intolerable whether through pain and/or loss of dignity, that death becomes the better option. For our loved ones an intolerable life can create not only the hardest emotional decision possible, but should they seek to alleviate suffering it is outside the law and they consequently face the threat of prosecution. HSS considers that the ability to relieve intolerable suffering within the law was the key practical advantage of the proposed legislation.

A copy of the submission can be downloaded from the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill policy page.

The Humanist Society of Scotland will be encouraging MSPs to take this bill further later in the year.

For more information about Humanist Society Scotland policy visit the policy section of the website.



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