Scottish Parliament vote against Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill

Tonight The Scottish Parliament voted against (82 to 36) the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill at the stage 1 debate.

This is disappointing, especially given the significant majority of people in Scotland’s desire to see a change in legislation.

Reacting to the news Gordon MacRae, Humanist Society Scotland Chief Executive said:

“We're obviously disappointed in the result of today's vote.

“Humanist Society Scotland remains committed to the principle of choice, and will continue to work with other partners to secure a change in the existing law.

“It is heartening to know that 36 MSPs voted for the Bill today, which is more than double that of a previous Bill, and many, such as Jim Eadie MSP, spoke about the need to see greater legal clarity in the law around assisted dying.

“The campaign for this Bill was a positive one, based on compassion, dignity and choice. It's clear that the status-quo is not an option, and that the vast majority of people in Scotland support a change in the law. We are committed to being a part of that change.

“I'd lastly like to thanks everyone who took part in the campaign, we've made a significant contribution to advancing the argument.”


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