Scottish Darwin Day Celebrations

Darwin Day (12th February) was marked by members of Humanist Society Scotland as they gave away 210 free succulent desk plants to the public celebrate 210 years since Darwin was born.

Commenting on the plant giveaway Humanist Society Scotland Campaign Manager Fraser Sutherland said:

“It was a great way to mark the 210th Anniversary of Darwin’s birth. Charles Darwin is widely regarded as having made one of the most important contributions to our understanding of how the natural world works with his development of evolutionary science.

“Darwin also had a close connection with Scotland. Before he became a prominent sc

ientist Darwin studied at Edinburgh University and was a significant member of the Plinian Society who challenged orthodox religious concepts of science. He also carried out his first ever scientific investigation while in the City – studying fossils along the Firth of Forth. It was also while at Edinburgh that he first heard of other scientists ideas of evolution which he would later build on in his career eventually resulting in his On the Origin of Species.”

“The succulent plants that we are handing out are a great example of evolution in action. They are a great example of how species evolve to adapt to living in hostile environments in areas other plants cannot survive (arid/poor soils etc). They also make a fantastic desk plant!”


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