Press Release: Church of Scotland Wrong Again in Call for Special Treatment

The Humanist Society Scotland today reiterates its position that an independent Scotland should be equal and fair for all its citizens. We therefore question the Church of Scotland for its continued desire for a special place in an independent Scotland. Douglas McLellan, Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland stated:

“We are increasingly concerned about the Church of Scotland’s desire to attain special status in an independent Scotland. If history has taught us anything it is that having religious divisions enshrined in law leads only to disagreement and strife. Surely any new constitution has to ensure that it represents all of the people of Scotland”

In the most recent Scottish Household Survey, 43% of Scots reported they had no religion. The HSS believes that this simple fact demonstrates the need for an equal, fair and non-religious constitution in an independent Scotland.

For more information or for interview, please call HSS Communications Officer Tim Maguire on 07770 555 224 or HSS Chief Executive on 07450 840 232.



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