New milestone for marriage equality in Scotland

This morning (16 December 2014) the secondary legislation necessary to allow the first same-sex marriage to take place on Hogmanay (31 December) will come into effect. Signed into law yesterday by Scottish Government Minister Marco Biagi the secondary legislation will enable same-sex couples who wish to get married on Hogmanay to give the official 15 days notice of their intention to marry.

Today is also the first day that same-sex couples who are currently in a civil partnership will be able to convert to a marriage.

The Humanist Society Scotland is proud to be conducting the first same-sex marriage, led by Humanist Celebrant Ross Wright shortly after midnight on Hogmanay. Tomorrow Malcolm Brown and Joe Schofield (Malx and Joe) will mark an important stage in their forthcoming marriage when they submit their official intention to marry documents.

Joe Schofield (left) and Malcolm Brown (centre) celebrate their new marriage with Humanist Society Scotland marriage celebrant Ross Wright (right)

Joe Schofield (left) and Malcolm Brown (centre) celebrate their new marriage with Humanist Society Scotland marriage celebrant Ross Wright (right)


Picture: Humanist Celebrant Ross Wright, flanked by the happy couple Malcolm and Joe.

Speaking about this important milestone, Douglas McLellan, Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland said:

“We are proud to have played our part in this important campaign and it is with great pride that we will be conducting Joe and Malx’s marriage on Hogmanay. Humanism places at it’s heart the flourishing of the individual,above all dogmas and creeds and we are proud to be part of this great movement towards equality for all Scots.”


Photo call 16 December: Malx and Joe will be joined by another couple, Kenny and Craig, and Humanist Celebrant Linda Britton, for a photo call at the Lobby of the Corinthian Hotel, 191 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1DA from 1300-1330. Shortly after this they will make the short walk to 45 John Street to submit their marriage notification form.

Contact person will be Gary McLelland 07813060713 or

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