More than 4200 Humanist weddings took place in Scotland last year

More than 4200 Humanist weddings took place in Scotland last year, more than ever before.

Humanist Society Scotland conducted over three quarters of all Humanist marriages in Scotland, with others being conducted by independent providers.

Humanist Society Scotland secured a change in policy back in 2005 which allowed Scotland to become one of the first countries in the world to allow Humanist weddings.

As well as providing high-quality, personalised ceremonies HSS, a Registered Charity, also campaigns to promote Humanism and Humanist values of human rights, democracy and equality.

Lynsey Kidd

Lynsey Kidd, HSS Head of Ceremonies and Chaplaincy

Commenting on the release of the statistics, Lynsey Kidd – HSS Head of Ceremonies and Chaplaincy, said:

“We are delighted to see that Humanist weddings continue to grow in popularity. Our Registered Celebrants across Scotland are ambassadors for Humanism and work hard to ensure that life’s big milestones are celebrated in a meaningful way.

“As the original, and most popular organisation for Humanist ceremonies in Scotland it’s really encouraging to see the growth of these wonderful ceremonies.”

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Figures from National Records of Scotland show that 4290 weddings were conducted by Humanists in 2015, up from 3933 in 2014.

There were more Humanist weddings in Scotland last year than any religious denomination, including the Church of Scotland.

The Scottish Government have yet to introduce remaining parts of the 2014 Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act which would define which belief groups are able to conduct marriages.

About HSS:
Humanist Society Scotland seeks to represent the views of people in Scotland who wish to lead ethical and fulfilling lives guided by reason, empathy and compassion. We provide a range of non-religious ceremonies and campaign for a secular state. HSS has over 14,000 members across Scotland.


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