Malawi Partnership Fifth Anniversary Fundraiser

Since establishing our twinning relationship with the Association of Secular Humanists (ASH) in Malawi in 2015, your generous support has helped to fund ASH’s dedicated team of volunteers to work tirelessly to challenge witchcraft-based violence, promote and defend humanists and humanist values, and create a growing movement of humanists and humanist thought in Malawi.

Please donate today and help us to support ASH to challenge and prevent witchcraft-based violence and the superstition that underpins it. ASH is often a lone voice against entrenched and discriminatory superstitious beliefs in a country where superstition can mean death.

When we talk about the life and death work of ASH, that is no exaggeration. Just last month three people were murdered by members of their community after they were accused of witchcraft. 

Your support is vital in giving those accused of witchcraft or those that have faced witchcraft-based violence and discrimination a voice, people who will support them and intervene on their behalf, and a chance to challenge and undermine the superstition that continues to manifest itself through witchcraft-based violence in Malawi.

Last year the generous support of our members and supporters helped to fund the vital work of ASH Malawi. You helped to:

  • Fund an ongoing country-wide programme of training and outreach for humanists and atheists in Malawi
  • Fund the production of printed educational materials
  • Fund ASH to gain extensive press and radio coverage challenging superstition and witchcraft-based violence
  • Fund community-based sensitisation projects and interventions in witchcraft-based violence hotspots.

By raising their profile, supporting Malawian humanists to increase their voice, and working with communities affected by witchcraft-based violence and discriminatory superstitious belief, ASH are beginning to create real change in Malawi and across Africa. In October 2019 ASH were invited to work with the UN Independent Expert on Albinism to help develop guidelines on harmful practices that will be used across Africa. They were also invited to join the African Advocacy Forum in January 2020 which is based in Nigeria and advocates for alleged witches across Africa.

Please click here to donate to our fundraiser today.

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