Labour MSP launches new bid to change organ donation laws

In an interview with Holyrood Magazine, Labour MSP Mark Griffin has spoken out about his support to introduce an opt-out system for organ donation.

Last November HSS announced its support for Anne McTaggart’s attempts at passing a Bill to reform the organ donation laws. In January 2016 the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee opposed the plans for creating an ‘opt-out’ system in it’s Stage 1 report. In February 2016, Anne McTaggart’s Transplantation (Authorisation of Removal of Organs etc.) (Scotland) Bill was rejected by 59 votes to 56 in the Scottish Parliament after it failed to secure support from the SNP group. Despite this the Scottish Government said they would give the issue further consideration.

Speaking to Holyrood Magazine following the defeat of the Bill Griffin said that he “was astounded when it didn’t get through”.

Almost all religious groups have expressed opposition to the change in legislation, which Griffin acknowledged, saying “There will be people who object to their organ being used, whether it’s for personal or religious reasons, but where this is the case and where there are deeply held views from someone that has said they don’t want their organs to be used or they have told a family that’s their wish, there is a lock in the process to make sure that is the way it is.”


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