Humanists Welcome Ambitious New Target to Reduce Emissions by 75%

Ahead of the final vote on the Climate Change Bill in the Scottish Parliament today , the Scottish Government has committed to reducing emissions by 75%, putting Scotland on target to become a net-zero society by 2045. Instrumental to this commitment has been the tireless campaigning by Stop Climate Change Chaos, which the Humanist Society Scotland is a member.

Representatives from the Humanist Society Scotland and our eco-humanist group gathered outside parliament this morning to add our support to the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland action aimed at reminding MSPs how crucial the Bill is to ending climate chaos. After his stint reading from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report HSS Chief Exec Fraser Sutherland said,

The science tells us that we need radical and ambitious action on climate change, and we’re heartened to see that the Scottish Government is listening to the science and aiming for targets that can make a real difference. The time for action is long past and we need to act fast and definitively to address the climate emergency that we are in.

After the government announcement Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said,

We welcome this move from the Scottish Government to strengthen the 2030 target in the climate bill to 74%. Action taken within the next decade will make the crucial difference. Coupled with a strong net-zero target for 2045, Scotland is sending signals that it is serious about tackling the climate emergency.

He was keen to note that this is an excellent start from the Scottish Government, but by no means a complete solution to the climate emergency,

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland will continue to work with the Scottish Government and politicians to help drive policy actions and emissions and ensure that Scotland delivers climate justice. In this moment we need to acknowledge the huge efforts of youth led climate strikes and climate campaigners who have helped create momentum.

This afternoon, an even higher target of 80% will be debated, and SCC continue to call for as much ambition as possible.

We will continue to work with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to hold Government to account, and to push for the changes needed to ensure that Scotland stays on track to deliver real change and climate justice to those across the world affected by climate change.

To find out more about Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and how you can be involved go to




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