Humanist ceremonies more popular than ever across UK

Well over half of people in Scotland (58%) have attended a Humanist ceremony, according to new research from the British Humanist Association.

The research also shows that almost 15 million people in Britain (30%) have attended a Humanist ceremony and close to seven million (14%) want a Humanist funeral for themselves when they die, suggesting that Humanist ceremonies are more popular than ever before.

The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey in 2015 showed that the non-religious are the majority (52%) in Scotland. Humanist Society Scotland says that is evidenced by the increasing popularity of Humanist ceremonies in Scotland, and throughout the UK.

Lynsey Kidd

Lynsey Kidd, HSS Head of Ceremonies and Chaplaincy

Humanist Society Scotland Head of Ceremonies and Chaplaincy, Lynsey Kidd, commented:

“This research confirms what we’ve known for some time, meaningful Humanist ceremonies are an increasingly popular choice for couples celebrating life’s major milestones.

“It’s wonderful that Scotland is one of the few places in the world where Humanist weddings are legal, and we hope that the current bar on Humanists in the rest of the UK will be lifted soon.

“Our highly trained registered Humanist celebrants across Scotland do a fantastic job of helping celebrate the most important days of peoples’ lives. We know that as society becomes less and less religious, people really value having a ceremony that can reflect their personal values.”

Isabel Russo, Head of Ceremonies at the British Humanist Association, said:

“The data published today shows 68% of people in Britain – just under 35 million people – are aware of humanist ceremonies and 30% of people have attended one or more Humanist ceremonies.

“However, there are still challenges to overcome in making sure that people have access to Humanist ceremonies for themselves. In England and Wales, in spite of public support, the Government has still not acted to give the same legal recognition, so that’s a big barrier to greater public awareness. Many people simply aren’t aware that a Humanist ceremony is an option.”


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