Humanism and the Future of Scotland An Evening of Discussion at the University of Glasgow

Humanism and the Future of Scotland – An Evening of Discussion at the University of Glasgow with Christopher Brookmyre and Iain Macwhirter

7.00 – 9.00pm Wednesday 12th November 2014 – Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre (WILT), University Place

Humanism is playing an increasing role in the ethical agenda of modern Scotland. Humanist weddings, recognised by the state since 2005, have been booming in popularity, and now outnumber weddings of all the churches except the Church of Scotland. Humanists have championed equal marriage which will shortly bring rights of legal weddings to gay and lesbian couples. Humanists stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the late Margo Macdonald MSP in seeking to bring dignity for those dying of incurable conditions, and remain determined to introduce the human right of assisted dying. Along with secularists and many others, Humanists are currently campaigning for an end to privileged church representation on local education authorities in Scotland. And Humanist celebrants now take a role in many civil ceremonies, including Remembrance Services and “Time for Reflection” in the Scottish Parliament.

How deep is this advance of Humanist principles? Is Scottish culture reflecting Humanism in novels and poetry, in the press and public politics? In the land that produced David Hume, is the new self-confidence of Scottish life in part the product of a distinctive advancement of humanist ideas? What is Humanism’s place in the future of Scotland?

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