HSS stand up for women’s rights at Glasgow Abortion Rights Rally

Humanist Society Scotland members attended an abortion rights rally in Glasgow today.

HSS spokesperson Claire Digance spoke at the rally, telling the crowd:

“Hi, my name is Claire Digance from the Humanist Society Scotland and we support a woman’s right to choose.

“We are not alone in our thinking. The majority of people in Scotland support a woman’s right to choose. The majority of Scots recognise that every mother should be a willing mother and every child a wanted child.

“The majority of Scots trust women to make up their own minds. It is important that we are visible in our support and are a loud and rational voice for that majority.

“I am pro-­choice. I don’t know why any particular woman chooses to have an abortion. It’s none of my business. It’s nobody’s business.

“I do know, however, that the important thing is that, legally, it’s her choice. She’s free to make an autonomous decision, without restriction to all necessary help. It is vital that all women continue to be able to make informed decisions regarding their own lives and have access to terminations when they need them.

“They should feel safe in their decision and their environment. There is no place in Scotland for NHS patients to feel intimidated or under scrutiny when they receive treatment they are legally entitled to.

“Religious fringe groups attempting to impose their ideology outside hospitals is frightening to both patients and staff and unrepresentative of Scotland’s progressive view on women’s rights.

“I urge the Scottish parliament to ensure the continued provision of existing services and to ensure the successful and timely devolution of the Abortion act as it stands, as demanded by the majority of the Scottish population.

“Humanist Society Scotland stands with all women across Scotland and we support their right to choose.”


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