HSS respond to education Governance Review

Humanist Society Scotland has responded to the Scottish Government’s Governance Review saying that there is not enough focus on equality of access.

In response to the Scottish Government’s ongoing review into the governance arrangements for schools, HSS has drawn attention to the barriers caused by staff recruitment and pupil entrance requirements, as well as the requirement for unelected ‘religious representatives’.

HSS has suggested that the Government should take these into consideration, especially in light of a recent Equality and Human Rights Commission report which calls into question the practice.

Commenting on this HSS Chief Executive Gordon MacRae said:

“It’s promising to see the Scottish Government conducting such a wide-ranging review of the governance arrangements for schools. There’s not been such a systemic review since devolution, and it is long overdue.

“Much of the legislation is generations old, for example the requirement for ‘religious observance’ has not been reformed since 1872, and denominational schools have been in place for almost a century.

“We are clear on one point, however, there should be no place in any new governance arrangements for unelected church representatives. The Scottish Government are rightly opposed to the unelected House of Lords, so we expect them to practice what they preach when it comes to Scotland’s schools.

“The Scottish Government has a real opportunity to put equality at the heart of Scotland’s education system, and be a real leading light for education reform across the UK – but will they live up to this challenge?”

For further comment contact Gary McLelland on gary@humanism.scot or 07813060713.

  1. Humanist Society Scotland is the national charity for humanists, atheists, freethinkers and agnostics who seek to live an ethical, rational fulfilling life. We have over 14,000 members and our celebrants conducted more than 3,500 weddings last year.
  2. You can read HSS’s full submission here: https://www.humanism.scot/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/HSS-Response-to-SG-Governance-Review.pdf


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