Funeral of Alastair Douglas, HSS Registered Celebrant

Everyone at HSS was sorry to learn of the death of Alastair Douglas. Alastair was an HSS Registered Celebrant who brought joy and comfort to many many people through his work.

Speaking to HSS, his grandson Calum said:

“I’m very sad to say that Alastair Douglas passed away on the morning of the 28th of February. His earlier operations proved to be successful, and he was on his way to what seemed as a steady recovery. However, there were a number of complications that resulted in the fast deterioration of his physical health. Although Alastair’s death was premature and terribly unfortunate, it was reviving to hear that he had made his own unique mark on those who had met him at his short time in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary- something that comes naturally to Alastair, as I’m sure you’ll be aware. Whether it was making inappropriate jokes, bugging those in the bed beside for a friendly chat, or smiling when most believe you might not have cause to- Alastair left us the way we all knew him. Smiley and with family.”


The funeral is Monday 13th March, 11:30 at Clydebank Crematorium.


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