Freshers’ Week

Written by Clare Marsh – HSS Education Officer

We took part in two events last week:

1. Glasgow University Dialectic Society debate – Wednesday 12 September

Motion: This house supports same-sex marriage

I joined Ross Mitchell LLB and John McKee LGBT to propose the motion.

(In 1959 I had made my maiden speech as a fresher in support of the Wolfenden Report)

We were opposed by :

  • John Deighan (Scotland For Marriage)
  • Father John Keenan (Catholic Chaplain at GU)
  • Jonathan McLatchie ( GU Christian Union Member)

A very lively audience of about 200 students applauded our efforts and spoke out, almost always, in support of the motion at the open period.

We won by acclamation.

The president of the Dialectic Society expressed his thanks and asked if the HSS would take part in further debates throughout the session.

2. Edinburgh University

I gave a talk to the Humanist Society in the Cabaret Bar on the problem of Faith Schools. Following a short introduction a lively discussion took place with about 25 participants for about one and a half hours. The President thanked me and asked if the HSS would take part in further discussions throughout the session.



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