Consultation on Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill Welcomed

Yesterday, independent MSP Margo Macdonald launched the consultation on the new Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill.

The 13 week consultation aims to provide a clearer way forward and asks specific questions in addition to last year’s consultation.

Ms Macdonald said, “My supporters and I have learned lessons from the previous Bill, not least from listening to the views and experiences of people on both sides of the issues.

“We remain convinced that majority opinion favours the position reflected by my Bill – people in full command of their rights to be able to request help to end their lives at a time and a place of their choice if their life has been made intolerable by an irrecoverable illness”

John Bishop, Executive Secretary of the Humanist Society Scotland, attended the launch said “Modern medical advances have lead to the expectation of a longer life. Unfortunately, the cost of advancement, for some, is a prolonged end of life that they consider to be intolerable.”

“During a previous consultation led by Margo Macdonald, an independent survey found that up 80% of the Scottish public would support the principal of assisted suicide with the appropriate safeguards.”

“This consultation is an important step forward for Scotland. This Bill proposes a logical step in law to match the advancement of medical science. We now have the opportunity to discuss how to give every adult in Scotland the opportunity to make the choice that’s right for them at the end of their life.”

“As a society, we are about promoting the fundamental qualities that make us all human; this includes freedom of choice, dignity and respect.”

“The Humanist Society Scotland believes the each individual has the right to decide if their life has become intolerable and make the choice that is right for them.”

The society will be making a full response to the consultation in due course.

Full details of the consultation can be found on the Scottish Parliament webpage for the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill.

Additional commentary about yesterday’s announcement can be read at:

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