Are you up for the challenge of helping to steer the direction of the Society for the next 3 years?

We have very ambitious plans for the Society over the next 3 years and we need to ensure we have a strong team on the Board of Trustees to assist with both strategic planning and the implementation of our goals.

In particular, but not exclusively, we would welcome applications from members with skills in the following areas:

– Customer/Membership Care
– Fundraising
– Marketing
– Digital Infrastructure
– Cyber-resilience
– Data security
– Marriage Law
– Education Legislation and Practice
– Legal (charity and/or company)

There is more information on being a trustee and the required time commitment can be downloaded here.

This year we will be proposing a revised Articles of Association(constitution) this will reduce the numbers of Trustees to 13 and the ratio of Beneficiaries/Non Beneficiaries will be 5/8. (A beneficiary is described as someone who benefits from the business of the Society, eg Celebrants, or their immediate family).

At the AGM we will fill 4 places by voting on the day. These nominees must have at least 6 months membership at the time of nomination. The 4 successful candidates will serve 3 years.  

The Board will also retain the power to co-opt a further 4 people.  These co-optees may or may not be members of the Society, but have skills (see above) that would assist the Board in its work. A co-optee serves until the next AGM, but can be re-appointed.

5 member Trustees are due to retire at this AGM. A further 2, who were co-opted are standing down. 

This means we are looking for a total of 6 people to complete the Board membership. 

The current constitution of the board means that only a maximum of 2 of the elected or co-opted board members can be beneficiaries.

Of the 5 Trustees retiring, 4 are available for re-election, they are, Maggie Kinloch (beneficiary), Morven Lyon (beneficiary)  Julia Loecherbach and Ian Rodger. 

Lynne Ramsey will be retiring after 7 years of service and we thank her for the commitment and technical support she has provided as Treasurer and also for her tenure as Chair of the Board.

Nominations for the election are now open. Candidates can self-nominate and should provide a 150 word pen picture of what they wish to bring to the Board.  Nominations / recommendations of anyone with an interest in assisting the Society and hopefully some of the skills above can also be passed to the Board. Non-members will be contacted by the Nominations and Resources Committee before selection.

To nominate yourself for election as a trustee at the upcoming AGM please complete this online form. Nominations close on the 25th May.

This is a great opportunity to help steer the Society through an exciting 3 years of development.  Are you up for it?

If you wish further information please contact:

Maggie Kinloch 

Ian Rodger

Fraser Sutherland


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