Humanist Manifesto for 2021 Scottish Parliament election

Today we published our manifesto, From Scotland’s Humanist Community, in preparation  for the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections on Thursday 6th May 2021. 

After consultation with our members, our supporters, our Young Humanists Scotland  representatives, our Board, and the wider  humanist and secular community in Scotland, we have created a list of five priority areas for Scots who have a non-religious humanist view of life in Scotland. These changes will help to deliver a Scotland that reflects and respects its predominantly non-religious population, as well as its religious population, and is built on respect for human rights and individual autonomy.

In summary we ask for : 

  1. A secular education system that respects freedom of thought, religion and belief
  2. Legislation to allow dying, mentally competent adults the right to choose an assisted death
  3. The introduction of buffer zones outside clinics that provide abortions, to stop women facing harassment from anti-choice protestors
  4. The prioritisation of urgent action on tackling climate change and transitioning to a  low carbon economy
  5. Key policies to support those rough sleeping and to end homelessness

We hope that our members and supporters will take a few moments to read our short manifesto in full, and use the information to engage with local candidates on the issues that they would like to see prioritised by the Scottish Parliament after the election.  

Download the manifesto here.


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