Tuesday: Humanist Thought for the day on Aithris na Maidne, Rèidio nan Gàidheal @BBCRnG

This morning Humanist Society Scotland celebrant John Howieson delivered a ‘Smuain na Maidne’ (Thought for the Day) on the BBC Gaelic Radio station, Rèidio nan Gàidheal.

You can read the English translation, and the original Gaelic below. We will upload copies of the audio as soon as they are available.

This is part of a week-long series featuring John Howieson, you can access all of them here.

Tuesday 12 July, 8.27am:

Good Morning to you all!  

Yesterday I was explaining what a Humanist like myself is – a person who trusts reason and the kindness of humanity.

But why?  Why would you trust reason – the thoughts of people who’ve been trying to find reasonable, sensible answers to the big questions, like where did we come from and why are we here?

Well, scientists work with reason on many sorts of problems.  Scientists haven’t  got every answer yet, but over the centuries they’ve made lots of progress.  Now, for example, we can fly to any part of the world in fast, smart planes.  And these planes stay up in the air – they work – because scientists understand how to do that.

Scientists explain to us about our origins too.  They say that we came to be through evolution.  And, like our nearest relatives the apes, although we’re capable of violence, in general we prefer naturally to be peaceful, living together and working together.

That’s why Humanists like me believe in the kindness which is naturally at the heart of humanity.

Thanks for listening.  Have a good day.

Dimàirt 12 An t-Iuchar, 8.27am:

Madainn mhath dhuibh uile.

An-dè, bha mi a’ mìneachadh dè th’ ann an daonnaire – sa Bheurla, a humanist – mar a tha mi-fhìn. Thuirt mi gur e duine a tha a’ cur earbsa ann an reusanachadh agus ann an coibhneas mac an duine a th’ ann.

Ach carson? Carson a bhiodh tu a’ cur d’ earbsa ann an reusanachadh – ann an smaointean nan daoine a th’ air a bhith a’ feuchainn ri freagairtean reusanta, ciallach a lorg do na ceistean mòra, mar cò às a thàinig sinn, agus carson a tha sinn an seo?

Uill, daoine a tha ag obair le reusanachadh air toimhseachain de dh’iomadh sheòrsa ‘s e luchd-saidheans. Chan eil a h-uile freagairt aig luchd-saidheans fhathast, ach tha iad air mòran adhartais a dhèanamh thairis air na linntean. A-niste, mar eisimpleir, ‘s urrainn dhuinn sgitheadh a phàirt sam bith den t-saoghal ann am plèanaichean luath, spaideil. Agus fuirichidh na plèanaichean seo shuas san adhar – obraichidh iad – air sgàth is gun robh luchd-saidheans a’ tuigsinn ciamar a dhèanadh iad sin.

Tha luchd-saidheans a’ toirt mìneachadh dhuinn mu dheidhinn ar tùsan cuideachd. Tro mhean-fhàs, tha iad ag ràdh, thàinig sinn gu bith. Agus, coltach ri ar caraidean as dlùithe, na h-apaichean, ged a tha comas fòirneirt againn, san fharsaingeach b’ fheàrr leinn gu nàdarra a bhith sìtheil, agus a bhith a’ fuireach còmhla, ag obair còmhla.

Sin carson a tha daonnairean mar mi-fhìn a’ creidsinn anns a’ choibheas a tha gu nàdarra aig cridhe mac an duine.

Tapadh leibh airson èisteachd. Là math dhuibh.


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