Have you heard the new Humanist Yuletide song? by John Howieson

HSS Registered Celebrant John Howieson, who lives on Skye, has written a wonderful Humanist Yuletide song. John was motivated to creative an inclusive Humanist song after being frustrated by the myriad of religious anthems available. The lyrics are: Let’s all…


Let’s all try to make the world a better place.
We’re all one species – all one human race.
So think of other people; be to others kind and true,
‘Cos if you’re kind to others, then they’ll be kind to you.

At the Festive Season, everybody should be glad,
And yet in the world there may be some who are sad.
Some folk don’t have very much, and I don’t think that’s fair.
The right thing would be if everybody had their share.

Some of us are very rich, and some of us are poor,
But all of us are precious, of that I am sure.
We all deserve enough to eat, wherever it is we live.
I’ve got all I need, so is there something I can give?

Here on the Earth there’s plenty of food.
Yet some folk haven’t got enough, and I don’t think that’s good.
My life’s pretty easy; why should your life be so tough?
We can work together, to make sure you’ve got enough.

At the Festive Season, you may get some nice things.
I hope you’re very happy with whatever the season brings.
Out building snowmen, or cosy by the fire,
I hope you have a lovely time, here in Auchtertyre.

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