Humanist Society Scotland has a team of over 40 trained volunteers across the country who can come to your school/college and provide a range of services:

Short Assembly talks on Humanism and/or with moral story
Longer Introduction to Humanism with Q & A session after
RME / RMPS course content discussions / Q & A for exam subjects
Contribution to inter faith / belief debates and discussions

All visiting officers are happy to discuss the content of any presentation beforehand and tailor it to your needs.

If you need any further information or details of your local visitor, please contact Lara.


Comments from other schools

“The presentation was pitched at an appropriate level and you directly answered the pupils questions. From my perspective it was very worthwhile  and the pupils benefited from the experience.”

“I’ve just had my Higher class and we spent most of a double period discussing things they had talked about during your presentation. It was so useful and engaging, very beneficial. Hopefully see you next year!”

“This was a panel event.  The HSS visitors  input was essential. He clearly demonstrated the humanist stance, but at the same time showed pupils that even if they disagree with others they can still be respectful. Thanks again.”

School Visit Feedback

If you have recently had a visit by one of our team, please assist us by completing the feedback form using the Teacher Feedback button below.

If you have any further queries or comments on our activities, please address them to our Community Engagement Manager, Lara.