Below you will find Education resources that have been developed by Humanist Society Scotland to match with key components of the curriculum in Scottish schools.

We have resources that are relevant to parts of the National 4, National 5 and Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) SQA qualification. We also provide materials for students studying RME at Curriculum for Excellence levels.

What is Humanism?

Humanism is a non-religious viewpoint. Humanists are people who form their views on moral issues through gathering evidence. They use reason and think critically about what they find to make decisions.

Teachers will find studying Humanism useful in ensuring that pupils meet the required outcome of learning about a non-religious view in the RME & RMPS curriculum.

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We also recommend the following book: What is Humanism? How do you Live without a God and other big questions for kids. Humanist Society Scotland have a number of these books that we are happy to supply to schools, free of charge. Please contact to request free copies.

RMPS Morality and Belief

These resources will be useful for students studying RMPS at Higher. This will also be useful for students studying at National 5 and National 4 levels too.

Each resource is relevant to one option of the Morality and Belief part of the qualifications. It gives students an understanding of a Humanist approach to the key moral questions covered by the topic area. Each resource contains suggested activities to aid learning in addition to information on Humanist beliefs.

Humanism on Justice

Humanism on Relationships

Humanism on Medicine and the Human Body

Humanism on Conflict

Humanism on Environment and Global Issues

Humanism on Philosophical questions

These short guides are expected to provide students an introduction to Humanism on the chosen topic area. We can provide schools in Scotland with a free of charge printed full class set of these resources on request, please get in touch with us to request these materials.

If students or teachers would like more information on how a Humanist would approach a certain moral issue please get in touch.

Other Resources

Our Humanist Viewpoints summarises some key Humanist views on moral topics.

Our friends at Humanists UK also produce resources with a reference document to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and Scotland’s National Qualifications. Click here to access these resources.

HSS School Visitors

We have a range or trained volunteer school visitors who will be glad to visit your school and offer a humanist perspective as part of an RME or RMPS class. Please visit the School Visitors section for more information.

Head and heart

What is Humanism?

Humanists are people who share common values, such as science and rational enquiry, and who seek to live ethical lives based on reason and compassion.

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We are a membership charity, with over 14,000 members from Stornoway to Stranraer. Get involved today to help make Scotland a more secular, rational and socially just country.

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We are a democratic membership charity. Join us today to get involved in our campaigns to make Scotland a more secular, rational and socially just country.

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