We are currently updating our educational resources. In the meantime our friends at Humanists UK also produce resources with a reference document to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and Scotland’s National Qualifications. Click here to access these resources.

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HSS School Visitors

We have a range or trained volunteer school visitors who will be glad to visit your school and offer a humanist perspective as part of an RME or RMPS class. Please visit the School Visitors section for more information.

Religious Observance/RME Opt-Out Letter

Scottish Government guidance on Religious Observance and RME and RE (Religious and Moral Education and (Roman Catholic) Religious Education) states that:

“…parents have a statutory right to withdraw children from participation in religious and moral education and religious education in Roman Catholic schools. Schools should provide parents with sufficient information on which to base a decision, and ensure that parents are aware of the content of the religious and moral education or religious education that the school wishes to undertake.”

-Scottish Government letter to Directors of Education in Scotland, February 2011.

We have created a template opt-out letter, which you can simply download and amend.

Remember that it is your right as a parent or carer to have your child opt-out of RO or RME/RE. As the 2011 Scottish Government guidance says:

“Where a child or young person is withdrawn, schools should make suitable arrangements for them to participate in a worthwhile alternative activity. In no circumstances should a pupil be disadvantaged as a result of withdrawing from religious and moral education or religious education in Roman Catholic schools.”

Head and heart

What is Humanism?

Humanists are people who share common values, such as science and rational enquiry, and who seek to live ethical lives based on reason and compassion.

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We are a membership charity, with over 14,000 members from Stornoway to Stranraer. Get involved today to help make Scotland a more secular, rational and socially just country.

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