Wedding promises and vows

Your celebrant will help you write promises and vows that are personal and unique to you, and are completely right for you both as a couple. The legal vows are required to be said out loud so that your witnesses and your celebrant hear them and couples will often have more personal promises and vows alongside these too.

Think about what you really want to promise on your wedding day. Your promises and vows should always feel genuine and true to you, however relaxed or formal you want them to be. You can decide all of the content for these with your celebrant and, aside from the legal vows, you can say these however you wish – read them, repeat after the celebrant, or just say I do – whatever is right for you.

For information on the legal requirements and declarations please see here.

Whether you are having a legal or a non-legal ceremony you have lots of options for your personal promises, here are just a few examples:

Lisa, I love you, I promise to support you through all of life’s ups and downs and to continue to always try to make you laugh and smile. I promise to go on lots of adventures with you and see the world, and to always be here for you.

Craig, I can’t promise I will always tidy up my clothes or not take forever to get ready for a night out, but I can promise you that our life will never be boring. There will be lots of adventures, and I am sure lots of great times and no doubt some difficult ones too. But there is no one who I would rather be with on this journey than you, and I can’t wait to start the rest of our life together.


Do you promise to love Lewis unconditionally and do everything you can to support him?

I do

Do you promise to be there for him in good times and in bad?

I do

And lastly do you promise to always make sure you make time for each other and have fun?

I do


Susie, I promise that I will always be here for you, to support you and our wonderful girls. I promise to work with you to continue to create a home full of love and happiness for our family. I promise to always have fun with you and our family, and to go on lots of adventures together.