A Sand Ceremony is a unique way to symbolise two lives becoming one. The two separate bottles of sand represent your single lives, separate families and separate friends and your lives before your wedding day. Two containers of sand are poured into one container, the individual containers will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. Just as the grains of sand can never be separated, neither will you in your married life.  This can be done with sand from significant beaches/areas in your lives or with different colours of sand too.

There is also a variant where you use different sizes of stones to represent the challenges you will take on together through your married life, big stones for the large events in life are placed into a jar until it is full. Smaller pebbles to symbolise those moments which may be less important but are still significant, will fill in the gaps around the larger stones until the jar again seems full. Then sand is poured in to symbolise all those small steps you take together each day. The sand fills in the rest of the gaps. This symbolises that while you may look back on your life together and see those big events, it is all the little kind gestures and support you give each other along the way that shore up and support you through the bigger challenges.

COVID-19 Advice – This should be manageable but it is recommended that the sand and vessel are handled by as few people as possible.