Questions You Might Want To Ask Any Prospective Celebrant

What did you do before you became a Humanist celebrant? Why did you become a Humanist celebrant?

What training have you had? And what experience do you have?

Are you authorised to legally solemnise marriage? What would happen if your registration was delayed or not renewed in time for our ceremony dateOr are you permanently authorised?

What would happen if you are not available on the day of the ceremony, e.g. in an emergency or due to illness? Would you be able to provide a replacement celebrant to cover? Are you insured?

How would you describe your style of delivery? Are we able to see you in action? and/or Do you have any reviews?

Have you conducted any ceremonies at our venue before?

What can be included in our ceremony? Is there a typical structure or length?

How could you help us to create a ceremony that is unique and personal to us? In what ways could we involve other people in our ceremony? Do we have to write our own vows?

Can we include music in our ceremony? Or even singing? What are symbolic gestures? Should we include any?

What is the total cost? E.g. base fee, travel & any other expenses, any membership fees?

If we book you, what are the next steps?

What would happen if we had to postpone our ceremony? If you are available on the new date, would there be any additional costs in doing so? If you are not available on the new date, would it be covered by someone else and/or would we lose any money already paid?

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