The Humanist Society Promise


Your humanist ceremony will be to mark one of life’s most important events. That is why we take your booking seriously. As the longest-standing provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland, we support and coordinate our nation’s largest and best known group of Humanist Celebrants. Every year our celebrants conduct thousands of ceremonies and we’re committed to ensuring that every one is unique and of a consistently high quality. To demonstrate our commitment to you and your ceremony, we are the only provider to offer the HSS Ceremony Promise. All Humanist Society Celebrants are covered by our Promise as are all of their ceremonies.

1. Be Assured, We’re Insured

We are delighted to have a reputation for providing high quality ceremonies and service. Although it is only occasionally that problems arise with our ceremonies (only about 0.5% and we conduct around 7000 ceremonies each year!) you can be assured if you book a Humanist Society Celebrant that they are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

2. We’ve Got it Covered

It is very rare that the celebrant you have booked is unable to conduct your ceremony and this would only be in extreme circumstances such as serious illness. However, as the largest provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland, we have the network to find you a replacement, even at very short notice. We have office staff available to ensure we can respond quickly to any emergency with minimal stress to you. Although unlikely to happen, always ask your chosen organisation how they provide cover in emergencies.

3. Developing Skills to Give You the Best

All Humanist Society Celebrants must complete intensive training and mentoring programmes before they are registered to conduct any type of ceremony. Our celebrants are regularly reviewed and also participate in ongoing practice development opportunities.

4. Setting the Standard

All our celebrants work to a set of standards to ensure that your experience is the best it can be. Our celebrants are also subject to a complaints and grievance process. In the unlikely event you have any concerns about your ceremony, please raise these with your celebrant directly in the first instance. If this proves difficult, please email and we will do all we can to resolve the matter.

5. Best of All, We’re a Charity!

Humanist Society Scotland is a Registered Scottish Charity and our accounts are published annually. As a charity we campaign for a fairer Society and provide humanist ceremonies, including funerals for those under 16 at no charge. We’re also really proud to be the Humanist organisation that worked hard for legal humanist marriage in Scotland.