Naming – Guide parent and parent promises

Your celebrant will help you write promises and vows that are personal and unique to you, and are completely right for you as a family. Naming ceremonies often have parent promises and guide parent promises, and sometimes even grandparent promises. It’s entirely up to you.

Guide parents are the non-religious equivalent of godparents and your opportunity to involve those people special to you and your child and give them the chance to make promises on the day.

The promises sum up all the love and support the child/individual will have in their life. Here are some examples:

Parent promises

We promise to love you unconditionally. And to teach you the difference between right and wrong, and the importance of kindness. We will encourage you to see what the world has to offer, and always have a safe place for you to return home to, and we promise to always be here for you with a hug.

We promise to love you with all our hearts, and always be here for you when times get tough. We will try to help you learn from our experiences, but we realise that sometimes you will have to make mistakes and learn these things for yourself. Lastly, we promise that even when you have tested every boundary that we will remember that you are our boy and there is no one we would rather have as our son.

Guide parent promises

We promise to always be here for you, in the easy times and the difficult ones. We will always have a listening ear and will give you advice when you need it. Lastly, we promise to always have fun with you and make sure there is lots of laughter in your life.

We promise to add chaos and fun to your life and to celebrate all your successes with you. We promise to always try to make you laugh and smile, and to have lots of fun with you.