Photo credit – Rowan Currie Photography

Commercial flowers are often airlifted in from around the world, contributing to air-pollution, whilst vast amounts of pesticides are used in their cultivation. So why not consider getting back to the days when seasonally stylish flowers were grown at home for weddings. Or if you don’t have ‘green fingers’ or a garden, why not try to persuade a local grower to raise flowers for you or pick flowers from your friends’ gardens?

“Rachel [pictured above] cut the fresh flowers for her bouquet from [her mum’s] garden by the light of the moon the night before the big day and chose white hydrangea and white foxglove which were added to ferns, lavender, sunflower, and silk peonies. The bridesmaids’ bouquets included alstroemeria and sunflowers and the flower crowns had everything from Ivy to a bit of gypsophila. The table decorations were an eclectic mix of garden flowers in bloom on the day, in decorated jam jars. The wedding party helped make up everything, enjoying exercising their own creative choices from the materials available. A magical, rustic vibe and lots of fun!” Marianne, mother of the bride (Wild and Imperfect)

If you decide to employ a florist, there are some things to consider. Find a local florist who recycles everything they use, from the flowers and foliage to the packaging it comes in. Ask them to source locally raised flowers, herbs and foliage to create naturally scented displays. Keep your choice of flowers seasonal so, if you dream of roses, set a wedding date in summer but if berries and leaves are more your thing, autumn is the time. Twigs, evergreens and fruits can transform a cosy winter wedding.


Rather than having cut flowers or foliage, which have a limited life span anyway, why not try potted plants such as palms, ferns, or even orchids. Staged carefully, they can create a beautifully eclectic, bohemian style, and bonus – you can bring them home or gift them to guests afterwards.

Alternatively, why not consider sustainably sourced dried flowers or beautiful artificial flowers, which can be sold on or donated to another couple, or used to decorate your home and be a constant reminder of your special day.

Photo credit – David Muir Photography

If you plan to have confetti (if your venue allows it), consider using one that is biodegradable, such as flower petals, grown in the UK. Or you could even give your guests packets of seeds to throw instead of rice. The birds will love you for it, and some may even grow for the benefit of future visitors to that venue.