Photo credit – F D Young Photography

You could of course wear something you already have in your wardrobe. Or you could wear a family heirloom, borrow something or rework a vintage creation. There’s also a wide choice of men’s and women’s formal wear hire shops which offer a good selection of outfits including gowns and kilts. Alternatively you could buy second hand direct or from charity shops, vintage boutiques and web auction sites. Jessica’s stunning gown (pictured above) was a pre-loved dress from a ‘worn once’ bridal shop.

If you would still prefer new, rather than buying from overseas, why not start your search close to home, where you’ll find heaps of talented makers and producers right here on our doorstep. You could even have your outfit made-to-measure by a local seamstress, especially if it is designed to be able to be worn again at other special occasions. If it can’t or won’t be worn again though, consider selling it on, or donating it.