If you have clicked on this section of our website, you might be considering how you could make your celebration more sustainable and eco-friendly, just as you might in everyday life. You have come to the right place!

As Humanists, we believe that we have this one life, and we have a responsibility, not only to our fellow human beings, but also to other living beings and the earth, to live that life as best we can – to be loving and respectful, tolerant and kind.

Going ‘green’ might be easier than you think. Even small considerations can make a big impact. Creating a beautiful, sustainable ceremony and celebration is possible without sacrificing style or budget. In fact, it can be even more magical.

Of course, there’s no compulsion to have anything other than the two of you, two witnesses and an officiant to get married or civilly partnered anywhere in Scotland. You could do it in your home or garden, and you don’t even need brand new outfits or rings. But if you do want to add some special touches to any kind of ceremony, here are some greener alternatives to consider.


Food and Drink 



Rings and Other Jewellery



Invitations and Other Stationery


Symbolic Gestures

Things To Avoid


Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints.” – Chief Seattle