StreetCare Scotland is a volunteer led initiative run by Humanist Society Scotland to help people in need on the streets of Scotland’s cities. StreetCare Glasgow has been running for the past eight years and works with other support agencies in the city as well as church and other communities groups carrying out similar work. We are looking for volunteers, please see below for more details!

Our thanks go to our volunteers and the following corporate supporters who make this project possible:

StreetCare Glasgow

Some of the Glasgow StreetCare volunteers

Humanist Society Scotland has been providing assistance on the streets of central Glasgow for the past eight years, working with a variety of partners including other voluntary groups,  private business, and referral agencies. Our project provides hot drinks, soup, other foods and warm clothing on a non-judgemental basis for those who present as needing support. In addition our volunteers provide a listening ear for people who find themselves living in isolation. StreetCare is based on the ethos of ‘zero waste’ and we work with Marks and Spencer Food and Pret a Manger stores in Central Glasgow to ensure any food they have due to be disposed can be used by the project. In addition any resources we have left over after a session are in turn supplied to a homeless shelter. Our volunteers find involvement to be worthwhile and rewarding and usually a fun outing for an hour or so around 20:30 on a Thursday and Sunday evening. If you would like to know more and would consider becoming one of our volunteers please email us. StreetCare Glasgow Team