Cartoon showing an old person and a young person with their arms around each other looking out across a lake and rural landscape.

Leave a lasting legacy

Help to secure an ethical future for Scotland and the world by remembering us in your will. 

Why become a legacy supporter

We are funded entirely by membership fees and legacy support, which allows us to retain our independence as we challenge the status quo and campaign to create a Scotland that reflects the majority non-religious views held by its population.  

The generous legacy support of our members and supporters has allowed us to grow from a grassroots organisation to the voice of humanists and non-religious Scots in civic and public life. We campaign nationally on a wide range of human rights issues such as freedom of belief, a right to bodily autonomy, and redressing structural inequality. With your help we can continue to create a fairer Scotland and world. 

How to leave a legacy

To leave a legacy simply record your wishes in your will. If you would like the money you leave to be used for a specific purpose or campaign, include that information in your will too. 

If you would like to discuss your legacy wishes with a member of our team please contact us.