Borders Humanists

With the Christmas break it is a while since we met, and it will be good to get together again to discuss the issues of the day. We have been trying to organise a public meeting on the theme of Human Rights, but have yet to confirm a speaker. I will speak to the Society to see if they can recommend someone, and hopefully have some news on this in time for our meeting. There continues to be many issues for humanists to be concerned about, and I have no doubt that you will have particular opnes you will want to share and discuss. From my point of view, the cold weather brings to the fore the plight of the homeless in our society. It is also a matter of alarm to me that Brexit can potentially weaken the standard of welfare and support for our communities, as well as endangering the peace in Northern Ireland. However, I fully understand if no-one wants to talk about this at present!

We welcome everyone's input, and if you have not been able to join us so far, then please make 2019 the year that you do. We plan to hold public meetings on themes which are important to us, and also look at how, as humanists, we can be active in trying to enhance our communities. I always come away from our meetings feeling that I have had a good experience which has challenged my thinking, and made me reflect on my own perceptions and convictions, and for that I am grateful to you all.

Perhaps at this meeting, as well as our topical discussions, we can find time to talk about the future plans for the group's activities. I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 19th.


February 19th, 2019 7:00 PM


Cross Keys Hotel
(room booked upstairs)
United Kingdom