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Should we be sceptical of Gender Studies?

For newcomers we'll be sat in Jeremiah's Tap Room in the room through at the back

This month's discussion will be about gender studies, postmodernism and blank slatism

Recommended viewing

If you only have the time to watch/read one thing before the discussion then I recommend this documentary. The Norwegian documentary called Hjernevask or "Brainwashed" interviews gender studies theorists, shows the footage to biologists and psychologists, and then shows the gender studies professors the footage of the scientists' reactions and responses.

Some examples we might discuss

Some students in South Africa disagree with scientific modernism and advocate for a post-modern solution of restarting science from a different perspective. Where do these ideas come from?

Is all of science an androcentric social construct that needs to be replaced by a feminist science that does away with the scientific method?

Are some pilates exercises racist?

In her book "The Science Question in Feminism" Sandra Harding referred to Newton's Principia Mathematica as a rape manual. Is this interpretation of Newton's work accurate?

This article is co-authored by the human author's two cats, one of which was dead at the time of writing. Is it correct in its claim that animals can also write narratives and that we are only separated from those animals because of constructs that we have formed socially?

Are autoethnographies about self-identifying as a hippopotamus in the subjective, inter-subjective and social senses a useful metaphor for escaping categorisations that govern human bodies?

Is ejaculating inseparable from "hegemonic masculinity"?

Is it important for Wikipedia to allow "embodied subjectivity" and other "feminist ways of knowing" as a source of information?

Is biology an epistemology of ignorance that's hostile to feminist insights?

Is it true that sex hormones aren't really the cause of biological sex differences?

Is it true that breastfeeding is not a natural biological function?

Is it able-ist and species-ist to state that it's typical for humans to be able to walk but a fish can't?

Are Western biases and racialised masculinity present in postfeminist food culture?

Should personal "lived" experience and anecdotal evidence be taken as fact to the point that it surpasses the credability of experts?

Is it true that feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology can be applied to a feminist framework of glaciers that would lead to more equitable human-ice interactions?

Is it important to apply feminism to plant life so that we can dismantle constructs and change the water lily's cultural role?

Did men and women evolve to be different heights due to gender hierarchy?


February 14th, 2019 7:00 PM


Jeremiah's Taproom
8 Elm Row
Edinburgh, EH7-4AA
United Kingdom