Pub Night - Thinking and Drinking

Join us for our monthly pub night at Milnes Bar in the Little Kremlin Room, which is booked. We have used the room several times now and it works well. The arrangement is, that we can have the room for free, as long as some of us have food, so I encourage anyone instead of going home after work to come and join us for food, as quite a few of us usually do. We usually get there around 6.45 pm, so please join us. There are two entrances to the bar, but the best one is the one on the corner where you go downstairs, and the Little Kremlin Room is on the right. (There is an entrance on Rose Street, but we would be a bit more difficult to find from there. 


February 20th, 2019 7:00 PM


Milnes Bar
35 Hanover Street
Edinburgh, EH2 2PJ
United Kingdom