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Education resources

Resources for children and young people

Our resources are all free to download and we have hard copies of some resources that can be provided to schools or for home schooling purposes on request. 

Secondary school resources

We developed this set of resources for Scottish secondary school pupils and they cover key components of the Scottish curriculum. They are relevant to parts of the National 4, National 5, and Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) SQA qualification, and support learning for students studying RME at later Curriculum for Excellence levels. 

Each booklet is relevant to a topic in the ‘morality and belief’ portion of the RMPS qualification, and gives students an understanding of a humanist approach to the key moral questions covered in each topic area. The booklets also contain suggested activities to aid learning. 

Video Resources

This short animation was developed and produced with support from Young Humanists Scotland and gives a two minute explanation of humanism, ideal for classroom use with young people. 

Our YouTube channel has other resources that may be suitable for classroom or home study use. 

Science Calendar

Our Daily Discovery wall chart science calendar contains a scientific fact for every day of the year. Free to download. 

Primary school resources

We can also supply free copies of What is Humanism? How do you live without a God and other big questions for kids by Michael Rosen and Annemarie Young to Scottish primary schools. Just get in touch.

Religion in Schools guide

We have produced two guides for parents and for students on the role of religion in schools that you can download:

If you have questions about the role of religion in your school please get in touch.