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We exist to create a Scotland (and world) that reflects and respects its predominantly non-religious population, and is built on respect for human rights and individual autonomy. We do this by campaigning, educating, and providing high quality humanist wedding, funeral, and naming ceremonies. 

We are funded entirely by membership fees and donations, which allows us to retain our independence as we challenge the status quo and campaign to create a Scotland that reflects the majority non-religious views held by its population. 

The generous donations of our members and supporters have allowed us to successfully campaign for:

  • Legal humanist marriage
  • Equal marriage
  • Repeal of blasphemy laws
  • Equal protection for children from assault

And we continue to campaign on issues such as:

  • Legal assisted dying
  • Abortion clinic safe zones
  • An end to compulsory religious observance in schools
  • An end to unelected religious votes on school councils
  • Better protections for Scotland’s trans community

Help us to secure an ethical future for Scotland and the world by donating today!