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Why Challenging Neoliberalism is a Humanist Endeavour

Date: Monday 6th November   /   Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Guest speaker Iona Soper is from SANE, Solidarity Against Neoliberal Extremism. This collective seeks to highlight and challenge the damaging impacts of neoliberal policies on Glasgow’s local communities.

This meeting will explore what we mean by neoliberalism. We’ll look at the relationships between anti-capitalist values and the values of humanism. In doing so we’ll draw on social and political philosophies and experiences of local and national campaigns.

The meeting will look at ways to take a stand against the impacts of neoliberalism. How do we uphold our values when trying to make change? And how should our values inform our vision for a brighter future? Participants will be invited to reflect on their own journeys with humanism or with campaigning.

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The meeting will be chaired by Glasgow Humanists volunteer Cathy Crawford.

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This event is open to all Humanist Society Scotland members, supporters, and anyone who shares our vision and values. Participation is free. Register via Meetup to receive the Zoom joining link.