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‘All in a day’s work’ Memory Box contents. Including items such as: Fibron measuring tape, plastic slide rule, Pencil work drawing for connecting pipes, National Health Insurance Card (1937/8) etc

A Museum of Memories (online)

Date: Monday 6th May   /   Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Heather Robertson and John McCaughie from the Living Memory Association will talk on the topic of ‘A Museum of Memories’. Heather is a founder and the Secretary of the Living Memory Association. John is the training officer and delivers training in reminiscence skills and oral history recording. They will talk about the reminiscence work they do with wide range of different groups, about the venues they operate in Ocean Terminal and also demonstrate a reminiscence session by showing some photos to stimulate people’s memories.

Hand drawn objects used in reminiscence work, including a stove top kettle, an old fashioned glass milk bottle, a viewfinder children's toy, and an old rotary style telephone.
Reminiscence objects

This event is hosted online on Zoom by Edinburgh Humanists and open to all. It will be followed by a Humanist Pub Night in in the back room of the Kenilworth Pub in Edinburgh on 8 May at 7pm. This will be an opportunity to discuss the themes of Heather and John’s talk further.

Hand drawn mug of tea with a speech bubble above it with the words "Remember when?"
Chatting over a cuppa

Image source: With thanks to Living Memory Association.


This event is open to all Humanist Society Scotland members, supporters, and anyone who shares our vision and values. Participation is free.