One way you can help us continue to strive for social justice, democracy, and equality is to remember HSS in your will.

Whether you can leave £10 or £10,000, by remembering HSS in your will you will be helping us to achieve our shared vision of a Scotland in which the worth, dignity and autonomy of every person is respected and individual freedom is balanced with social responsibility and a duty of care for future generations.

Not only will leaving a legacy help HSS support people to live Humanist lives for many years to come, but any charitable gifts you make in your will shall be deducted before tax – reducing the overall inheritance tax taken from your estate.

What do I need to do?

Making or amending a will is usually a very simple process, but we would always recommend that you use a solicitor or a will writing service for peace of mind.

If you do not already have or know a solicitor or will writing service, you can find one in the Yellow Pages or online, and they will be able to tell you how to leave a legacy to the HSS in your will.

The fee for drawing up a will should be quite small – ask the solicitor how much they charge before deciding who to use. You may want to find a will writer through a professional body such as the Scottish Society of Will Writers.

Alternatively if your will is going to be very simple, you could use a DIY will template, of which many are available online for a small fee.

If you have decided to leave a gift in your will to HSS – thank you so much! Do let us know of your decision as we’d love to send you a formal thank you and a small token of our appreciation! 

Please see our Legacy FAQs below for more information about leaving a gift in your will. If you have further questions or would like to inform us of your intention to leave a gift in your will please get in touch.

Legacy FAQs

I’d like to remember HSS in my Will ­ what information do I need to include?

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I’d like to remember HSS in my will but I’ve already made one ­ do I need to write a new one?

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What types of gifts can I make in my will?

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Are there any tax benefits to remembering HSS in my Will?

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If I remember HSS in my will, where will the money go?

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How do I find a solicitor to help me with my will?

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Can HSS act as executor of my will?

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Do I need to inform HSS if I have remembered/ intend to remember them in my will?

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Who should I contact if I have further questions or wish to inform HSS of my intent to remember them in my will?

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The Legal Bit

We would always recommend consulting with your solicitor before writing or amending a will.

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