We need your support to make Scotland’s education system fairer and more inclusive. The Humanist Society Scotland are the only group with people on the ground in Scotland campaigning and directly helping in schools to make our education system secular and balanced of all world views.

However to help continue that work we need to be able to fund it on an ongoing basis. By helping support our education fund through a monthly Direct Debit donation you will be helping the next generation of young people get the best education informed by reason, evidence and respect.

We need your support to help achieve our four key aims:

A Humanist school visitor available to every school in Scotland
Our team of school visitors help pupils learn about what Humanism is and gives pupils a non-religious alternative view on moral questions like abortion, origins of the universe and assisted dying.

Our campaign work to end unfair privilege in schools for religious institutions
Humanist Society Scotland are currently campaigning to ensure children and young people have the right to opt-out of religious worship during the school day and to remove unelected religious representatives from the governing bodies which run local schools.

Resources for use in the classroom
Humanist Society Scotland help supply resources to Religious and Moral Education teachers so they can cover Humanist and non-religious points of view in their classes.

Legal Fighting Fund
The Humanist Society Scotland will continue to take legal cases to ensure the rights of non-religious pupils, parents and teachers are not impacting by outdated laws which seek to protect privileged positions of some religious institutions.

£7 a month

Donate £7 a month by Direct Debit to provide free guides to children and young people on their rights regarding religion in school

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£20 a month

Donate £20 a month by Direct Debit to help fund legal action to protect non-religious peoples rights in Education

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