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The Time Travel Game (part of Climate Fringe Week)

Would you like to play the game of a lifetime*? *A lifetime of environmental change that is. Find creative solutions, experience unexpected shifting circumstances and find strength in solidarity with your fellow players. This is a game we're not playing against each other but with one another, and you might be surprised by how it turns out. You can't choose the cards you're dealt but you can choose how you play them. Ever wonder about the future? Well this might even give you a glimpse of what's to come.

This interactive games night is designed to build empathy with Climate migrants and encourage discussion around resilience. Players will be led through imaginative scenarios and they can choose their responses and actions. Come along expecting to join in, the imaginative leg work is up to you! It should be a fun and friendly, thought-provoking evening. 

It is one thing to say ‘Another World is Possible.’

It’s another to experience it, however momentarily.

This innovative event is hosted by Humanist Society Scotland with Young Humanists Scotland and our Ecohumanists group as part of Climate Fringe Week

Humanist Society Scotland recognises that climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, and through our membership of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, we are part of a diverse coalition of over 60 civil society organisations in Scotland campaigning together on climate change. With COP26 coming to Glasgow, this is a key time to bring about climate action and the Scottish voice should be louder than ever.

“Humanists have a duty of care to all of humanity including future generations. Humanists believe that morality is an intrinsic part of human nature based on understanding and a concern for others, needing no external sanction” - Amsterdam Declaration (which outlines our core values).

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September 23rd, 2021 7:00 PM through 9:00 PM