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Secure your date

If you know your wedding date, secure it now!

It’s easier than ever to book a Humanist Society Scotland celebrant for your wedding or civil partnership.

You can book just the date and find your celebrant later, book the date and have us find you an available celebrant, or book the date and your chosen celebrant now.

How does it work?

Ceremonies more than six months away

As long as your ceremony is at least six months away you can use our simple Secure Your Date booking system to book your humanist wedding or civil partnership. There are three booking options to choose from.

We’ll choose from who is available

Book the date now and choose from all available celebrants at a later date. Don’t worry – if you’d like some help finding the perfect celebrant, just get in touch.

Choose someone for us

Book the date and we’ll assign you a celebrant. Job done!

We’ve already found our celebrant

If you’ve already found your celebrant but are yet to book the date, you’ll need to do that here.

Flowers held in hanging decorations made from lightbulbs

Secure Your Date

Know your wedding date? Know you're covered

Ceremonies less than six months away

There’s still time to find someone to perform your ceremony, but it’s much easier if we help out.

We haven’t booked our date and we haven’t found a celebrant!

Don’t panic – contact us directly and we’ll do our best to help you find a celebrant.

We’ve found a celebrant but haven’t booked our date yet!

Just get in touch and we can confirm your booking.

We’ve already booked our date and want to confirm our celebrant

Easy – just log in using the username and password you created when you booked your date. On your dashboard, view your wedding booking and select a celebrant using the dropdown list.

How much does it cost?

You can expect to pay around £500 for your ceremony. This fee covers the cost of your celebrant and your two-year membership of Humanist Society Scotland. Other fees such as travel expenses and rehearsal fees should be agreed directly with your celebrant. 

This fee applies to non-legal weddings and vow renewals, as well as legal weddings and civil partnerships.

Secure your date with a membership payment of £93 (and a £5 admin fee). The balance is paid once you have confirmed your celebrant. 

If you would like us to allocate you a celebrant, the fee will be £500 and include the celebrant fee, membership, an initial meeting, and ceremony-related expenses. Please note that this option is not available for weddings in remote and Island locations.


We’re committed to serving the Humanist community both here and abroad. The fee for a wedding, civil partnership or non legal vow renewal ceremony includes your membership fee, which helps fund our charitable work.

Please note that if you are already a member of our organisation or any other organisation that is a full member of Humanists International, you will need to extend your membership to a Wedding Membership.

Please contact us to extend your membership or to discuss concessions for financial hardship.