Viv Adam

Wedding & Civil Partnership, Naming & Welcoming and Funeral Ceremonies


I live in Lochwinnoch with my two rescue dogs, and just ‘doon the road’ from my chum and fellow celebrant, Maggie Kinloch. My background, for the past 20 years has been as a writer for television and theatre, but before that, did a variety of different things, including starting an organic creamery and being a groom to an Olympic horse! What I love about being a celebrant is meeting people and hearing their stories.

I’ve always believed in the importance of leading an ethical life, and acting with integrity, tolerance and compassion, and realised that Humanism articulated how I felt. I’m proud to be part of an organisation that does such great work for human rights.

Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

What I love about humanist weddings is that so long as the legal part is properly executed, what you create round it can be whatever feels right for the couple - whether it be up a mountain in a howling gale, by a loch, in a stable (I would love one that involves horses!!) or something more traditional. It should be a celebration of the connection two people have with each other - and can be as simple and quiet or as big and flamboyant as you like - the important thing is that the event is what you, the couple want.

It's a real joy to be part of the process - from that first meeting, exploring what is right for the couple, and helping them create a wonderful memorable ceremony - to the day itself - which should be sincere, meaningful and full of happiness.

Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

Coming from a creative, artistic background, I particularly enjoy creating a happy and imaginative event that formally introduces a person to the world. I believe they should be significant events, not just for babies, but also for welcoming new children of all ages and origins into families. They can also mark the transgender transition of identity for adolescents and adults. The ceremonies should be fun, meaningful and memorable for everyone involved.

Funeral Ceremonies

I was inspired to become a Celebrant when Maggie did the funeral for my mum. We laughed and cried on the day, and I felt so proud and glad that I’d been involved in the creation of it. It made me realise how important it was to be guided through the process of creating a proper farewell. I want to properly represent the family, and most especially create a tribute which truly reflects the person they have lost.

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