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Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies


Thank you for looking at my profile - but before you read on I must tell you that I'm taking no new bookings - this is because I'm 'retiring' to be a full-time writer. I conducted my first HSS ceremony in April 2019 and I quickly discovered that being a celebrant was the most fulfilling work I’d ever done, so I'm sure I'll shed a few tears when I've conducted my final ceremony. But I know I'll always feel grateful to the people whose lives have touched mine through celebrancy, and I'll have many wonderful memories to sustain me!

Wedding & Civil Partnership Ceremonies

I love Elopements! I love all weddings, but Elopements are my favourites. When you elope, you can choose your wedding spot without worrying about anyone or anything else, and you can speak your hearts to each other more easily when you're not on show!
There are so many beautiful lochs, beaches and hills in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland - truly, you're spoilt for choice. I love going to these remote places, whatever the weather (though it's good to have a plan B, just in case). I love working with gifted photographers and brilliant pipers - and most of all I love working with Elopement couples: together, we can create the wedding of your dreams.
But I've got to add that I love Community Weddings too: they're about your love and commitment of course, but they're about the love of your family and friends as well.
To put it simply, if your wedding's about 'Love' rather than 'The Show', perhaps I'm the right celebrant for you? You can find out by getting in touch on this website or through my Facebook page.

Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies

Bringing up a child is a serious responsibility as well as being a joy, and it’s wonderful to welcome your new addition into her community of family and friends and celebrate together! I love the atmosphere of optimism and goodwill at a Naming or Welcoming, and I love the fact we have this in common with people of every race and nation.

Funeral Ceremonies

In the first shock of bereavement, people feel numb and confused, and there's so much to think about. I can’t take away the pain of grief, but I can ease that pain a little. It's touching and fulfilling, listening to the stories and memories of family and friends and weaving them into a fitting tribute to the person who has died - the focus of a warm ceremony that celebrates the life they've lived. It gives me a warm glow when people say, 'Did you know him?' or 'That's exactly what she was like!' Sometimes the circumstances of a death are particularly sad, but I hope I can bring a bit of comfort to the bereaved by providing a ceremony that acknowledges both their love and their grief.

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